Thursday, February 4, 2010

These are Ones

Men Are Rocks

Men are rocks
standing on the bank
of the River Fate
facing the waves of destiny.

Men wait and see
like the rocks undergo metamorphosis
to turn into sandy grains
in some course of silting and cracking
in the same way
men turn bits of fates.

Feathers or Dreams

Slowly in the dawn
some feathers fly away
to an alien land
or in the whirlpool of space.

Hovering up and down
as bright as a little bird
they turn white or yellow
and waltz over the grassy clearing.

Perhaps in the next dawn
triffling sparrows
or briskly robins
would pick them away.

Foxhounds or cats
can tear them to dust
Or blitizing winds will not spare.

Whatever is the case
the libertine feathers
are like our dreams
that hover around
either in the space or in the ground.

The Table
On the first day of marriage
they set a nice table
beside their beds
for a morning cup of tea
or the evening cup of wine.

Some months later
the table proved a sort of bad idea
between the beds
and they agreed to set it aside
somewhere in the corner.

After one year or two
the table looked completely ugly scrap
in their nice tiny closet
and they thought
to take it out of room.

She is a absolute cosmopolitan
in some sense or another.

She owns a car
keeps up hectic shedules
from Monday through Friday.

She throws parties at the weekends
inviting many freinds
for a clamorous evening
in the uproar of laugh and intoxication.

Many praise her
taste for foods
and others appreciate
her choice for furniture.

But nobody knows
how she sleeps
on her suffocating bed
with the aid of many pills .

As many of us know about height--
it begins from inches, yards or meters
Only few know
height beguiles one.

Icarus was once beguiled
and tried to reach the sun
with his waxed wings
but they melted
and he fell with a thud.

Waxed wings are there to goad
a fancy for height
but the thud is desperate.

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